The school’s purpose and it’s shortfalls for our youth.

With today’s children growing up in a digital world. We have to ask ourselves, are they getting the necessary amount of useful knowledge that the will need to stay ahead in this new economy. They are being taught on a redundant course of material that just doesn’t fit into the mainstream lives we live. They are not being taught the things that matter in real life. isosceles triangles are not what they need to know how to calculate. Rather, they should be taught how to read and understand balance sheets and how to create income for themselves and add value in the marketplace. Children are bogged down with the old ways of “cookie-cutter” classroom teachings. There is no doubt that the curriculum is a failing formula that needs a huge revision. We will see if that can be done with the new legislature and the raise in pay for teachers. Time will tell and we wait patiently for this to happen. However, it cannot happen fast enough. We are the ones that should be teaching our children that hustle is what they need to learn along with how to get rich so they are able to take care of themselves and their community. That is what should be taught in school. And there need to be no second and third place trophies either. You either win or you loose. You are at a great advantage when you fail and children need to know that it is okay to fail and often. That is the greatest teacher of all. Children must have the confidence to be curious and not restrained from having an imagination. They all must learn to be creative and solve problems so that they are able to create a future for themselves by being aware of problems and always looking for a way to create a new solution. Let them learn and be creative. That is what they deserve.


• Johnny