Today’s business leaders and what they say our youth need to do to succeed.

Why kids today need to learn to work!


The problem we see with all the kids today is not that they are being treated differently is that the parents of these children are not neglectful or rely on passive parenting. However, they don’t understand that children are like little sponges that are constantly looking up tp their parents and peers as a source for information and we sure hope that it is good, better yet, great. The children of today have been shown one of two things. How the digital media and devices can and will get them instatanious results when beckoned. This is great. But, it creates a problem in our youth as well. It’s causing kids to become less patient and give up sooner than if they used to have to work for the desired outcome. Things in business and life, unfortunately, take time for them to come to fruition and we are seeing a lack of commitment from our youth on giving things time. We have been talking to a gentleman that employees that are of the millennial status. James is a young business owner that will be the first to tell you that the lack of having patience in our young and upcoming workforce is scarily lacking. He owns a company called “Dent Repair Edmond Ok.” He trains and employees people interested in restoring vehicles that either have a door ding or hail damage and reverse the damage to perfection while saving time and money for his clients. James explains – “there are a lot of skilled young men and women coming up in this new world of modern technology. We like having young, fresh, open minds available to us for a fast and effective team.” The thing we are having a problem with the most of is that these up and coming workers are always looking for the next shiny thing. That’s a huge problem for business’ today. They are costing business’ a boat load of capital while in the training process and then when they have been let down by the lack of instant success or gratification they receive from a google search or social media like.

We must help these young women and men to understand that you will have to work hard and always be willing to learn and push themselves to the limits while adding value to their employer so they may have a shot of having a successful career. When we onboard a few new staff that are of the younger crowd we are having to teach them the basics of working hard and helping them understand that there are great jobs out there but you  must give the job time before just up and quit after a month or two because they have not seen a significant pay raise in income. They are all too fast to forget that the business is very expensive to run and that they must provide tremendous value add to the company and increase cash flow to achieve the goal of additional income. The economy is ever changing and so are the ways we teach our children. Yes, you must still instill ethics and honesty into them. But we must also teach them to add value to their employer to create a good shot of having a fruitful career in this new day and age.