Happy New year and we hope you learned something from 2016.

This has been quite the year. We have seen the most violence in 2016. This has been quite the year. We have seen some of the most violent protesters against police, trump rioters that were outraged with the election outcome, and a negligent president that is trying to leave on a bad note while getting us in trouble with Russia. There is a time coming that is to be of great importance to us all in this great country. There is all too often overseen news and media that may be actually more important than the garbage that big media plasters on television. We have seen great advancements in space programs by Space-x. New and exciting ways of receiving your package when ordered online at Amazon and you’re never left without a ride utilizing Uber. We must remember to keep our eyes and ears open when looking at the world. There is far too much opportunity to miss the good this and help gain more knowledge of what you can do as a human being on this planet.. We should all involve ourselves with more positive and helpfulness of being more philanthropic. The knowledge is out there people. Just wake up and be alert and awake to the many blessings to come in 2017. Hope you all had a Happy New Years.