End of year Resolutions.

( Video lesson of the day )Alan Watts talks about how to achieve anything – We feel it is due to the reading of books and understanding one’s mind. Let him explain and you will see.


We are coming to the end fo 2016 now and we are sure to understand that 2017, the new year is a beautiful place that we will create, prosper, and learn the skill sets to propel us into the future of creative thinking and not passive living. The adolescent minds of our children have the best seat in the house consider they don’t have work rules and restrictions that cloud their minds and put them in disdain. We all know what it is like to have that yearning to learn sensation that is so strong that we can not focus on much else but the subject at hand.

Take a new iPhone for example. The masses rush to acquire this little device and then pay an astronomical amount for it. Once they have this little gem in hand it’s all that matters at that given point and time. They become so obsessed with it that they must figure it all out so they have it mastered. Most folks misunderstand that concept of obsessive learning. That is a great asset to have, but, it needs to be on more fruitful activities. The art of reading has become lost to its electronic counterparts that will scroll through the words of yesterday’s old dialogue. There are a plethora of old and new books that come out each and every day, either from retirement or a new spark is set off in some souls mind and must be in print to share with the world.

We are all to enamored with the electronic devices of today and forget to look up and understand that there is so much more to this thing called life that we must embrace. You must not mistreat time and think that there is an unlimited amount of it. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow and we shall understand this when we have talked to survivors of lost times demise. For now, go read something of some substance so you may fee the euphoric state of knowledge consumption and try to learn either a new word or a new way of thinking of things at least. Thank you and that is all for today.


Truthfully, Johhny.

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